Welcome!  I am a research scientist and electrochemist working primarily on chemical sensors.  Based at CQUniversity in Queensland, Australia, I work with amazing collaborators with who I am able to produce analytical outputs.  I am always happy to expand my network with peers and host students in our laboratories for long- and short-term placements.

Click here for a video that will explain what my website is about.  

Our Team

Our team comprises of chemists and agriculture experts here at CQU and diverse collaborators worldwide, for example, in Fiji, Ireland, New Zealand and the United States who are undertaking research endeavors on electrochemical and analytical chemistry platforms. We are always keen to work on new projects though, so please do reach out if you are interested.


My interests are in the analytical measurement, monitoring and methods development. With the aid of rapidly-sensing nanosensors that we design in our projects, our pet targets are ultra-trace species in particularly challenging matrices where significant interference or fouling of sensors occurs.  As exemplified in the following project descriptions, we have a varied project base and are continually keeping abreast of the published literature to design innovating sensing solutions for challenging analyses.  I am also very happy to work with other experts in the field with who I share supervision, publications and research collaborations.  Our excellent facilities at the University mean that we have space and capability to host visiting scholars and researchers or students to further their research.


Please do keep visiting this page to find out collaboration and postgraduate research opportunities, or do get in touch with me if you have an idea we can contribute towards.  To see examples of latest electrochemistry and analytical chemistry work in our group or events, click here.  To see publications on smartprobes or nanosensors from our team, click on Publications.  Prospective postgraduate students seeking potential projects for their candidature in our labs can click here.  To see Shaneel’s university link, click here.  For LinkedIn direction, click here.   For ResearchGate, click here.  Prospective PhD candidates are encouraged to consult the research project pages before emailing Shaneel.